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Kevin Roseberry

Kevin Roseberry


Dear Parents,Guardians, and Students,


Welcome to Leona Middle School. I am so proud of Leona Middle School staff, students, and parents. There is something special about our building. We have a great school with a professional staff that cares very much for their students. It truly is a place where every parent would want their child to attend. There is a mutual respect between students and teachers , as well as teachers and parents. As research clearly points out, when parents and teachers work together great things can be accomplished!


ersonally, I will work hard to keep an open line of communication and develop strong relationships with all of our school and community partners. The 250 children who attend here are my number one priority at all times and I want the very best for each one.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you and having a successful year here at Leona Middle School. If you ever have any questions, please contact me at 676-9220 or by email at kevin.roseberry@omeresa.net. You may also follow us on Twitter at LeonaShadyside@LeonaShadyside1.



Kevin Roseberry

Leona Middle School Principal


Leona Middle School Mission Statement

The Mission of Shadyside Local Schools is to ensure that students aquire skills to continue as life long learners and productive citizens.

The Mission of Leona Middle School is Together, Increasing Growth in Education and Responsibility of Students.