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John M. Haswell

My name is John Haswell and my personal mission is to provide a safe, respectful and positive learning environment where staff and students feel comfortable coming to school everyday.

I am very excited to be the leader of our great school district. I pledge to spend the remainder of my professional career serving the students of our district. As a life-long member of this community, as well as a 1983 graduate of Shadyside High School, I have first hand knowledge of the pride this community has in our school district. I know the pride I have being an alumnus of our school.

The Board of Education and I have developed six objectives as part of the Superintendent Evaluation System. These objectives are the guiding work for our district. They are as follows:

1. The Superintendent shall develop a financial management plan to balance the budget by 2015 and eliminate deficit spending.

2. The Superintendent shall update the Comprehensive District Safety Plan addressing risk and/or emergency issues.

3. The Superintendent shall create a work plan to build a positive working relationship with all district employees.

4. The Superintendent shall develop a plan to provide the appropriate amount of mental health service for all students.

5. The Superintendent shall plan for safe and functionally sound facilities in order to offer a 21st Century curriculum.

6. The Superintendent shall upgrade all curriculum areas to meet all new standards

The District will have five new staff members beginning the 2018//2019 School Year. Morgan VanCurren Kindergarten, Sean Grinch 7-12th grade Intervention Specialist, Holly Amos 7th and 8th grade Language Arts, Matteson Zavatsky 7-9 Science, and Shayla Gay Title 1 Reading at Leona.

Upgrades to our facilities are continuing through utilization of Permanent Improvement Funds. The upgrades include roof and parapet work at the high school, roof repairs at Leona and Jefferson, plumbing throughout the district, masonry work at the high school, slip repair and water issues at the field, technology equipment including 30 I Pads, charging cart, and Apple TVs, High School gym floor waxing, bus garage compressor, new drivers for our camera security system, dishwasher at Leona, Boundary and Topographic survey as well as Environmental survey of the Hill View property.

We received a grant through the ESC called the Striving Readers Grant. The grant is a three year grant totaling $96,000. This grant will allow us to purchase reading materials as well as provide professional development for our staff. This grant was attained through the hard work of Mr. Kevin Roseberry, Mrs.Kelly Hoepfner, Mrs.Dee Dee Mullett and Ms. Kelly Foster.

With our aging facilities and a constant upgrade of our curriculum to meet the needs of state testing requirements, the Permanent Improvement Fund is a vital resource we appreciate that our community provides for us.

It is my goal to continue to partner with the community and make Shadyside Schools as successful as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact my office if you have a comment, suggestion or concern.

Thank you,

John Haswell, Superintendent